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SBI Holdings Launches Crypto Lending Services

  • Japanese-based SBI Holdings has launched its own crypto lending services.
  • Thus, the crypto lending service will accept individual Bitcoin deposits with no chargebacks.
  • However, fees will be charged on all Japanese yen withdrawals.

SBI Holdings’ subsidiary SBI VC Trade Co. Ltd recently announced the launch of its crypto lending services. As a result, users are allowed to lend bitcoin and receive chargebacks based on quantity and lending period.

Particularly, SBI VC Trade plans to deliver on-chain financial lending support by expanding its availability range.

As an illustration, SBI Holdings’ newly crypto lending services features are as follows:

Handling brands
Usage fee
Lending period
Minimum lending quantity
Maximum lending quantity
Bitcoin (BTC)
Annual rate 1.0% (tax included)
84 days
0.1 BTC

Meanwhile, SBI intends to add a formalized blockchain-based services like XRP, ETH, and more through the lending period as time flies. On the other hand, as crypto lending services have bankruptcy risk options on lenders, SBI Holdings confidently urges individual customers to direct their crypto lending destination activities to SBI Group companies to foster high reliability and anonymity.

Furthermore, according to the announcement,  individual members are entitled to near-zero fees account management, annual membership fees, and Japanese yen deposit chargebacks.

Hence, there will be no fees when sending and receiving digital money for any asset classes.
However, users must pay a minimal fee to withdraw Japanese Yen.

Moreover, via the supply-demand balance lather on the lending services,  crypto assets may suffer price fluctuations due to unexpected events and financial instruments market effects.

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Collins Adane

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