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Should Basic Attention Token (BAT) Move From Ethereum to Cardano Smart Contract

  • Users are discussing whether Basic Attention Token should move to ADA.
  • They believe ETH will lose out to ADA after its smart contracts feature launch.
  • Recently, ADA was also named as one of the biggest cryptos by Coinbase.

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) subreddit is buzzing with discussion. User u/70sechoes’s question about Ethereum’s loss in fame affecting BAT’s value prompted the talk.

Recently, users have been largely betting on ETH losing its fame to other newer blockchains. These include Cardano, Polkadot, EOS, Tron, and much more. They also seem more practical to users since developers created them as a reaction to Ethereum’s flaws. Out of these, the issue of its high gas fees is the most problematic.

For instance, the growing smart contracts platform, Cardano, stands a good chance of disputing Ethereum’s supremacy. In fact, a number of projects are already getting ready to make the move from one to the other. It seems that they are only waiting for Cardano to launch its smart contract feature.

About Basic Attention Token, the user wrote, “I plan on going long with BAT and investing in as much as I can possibly afford, however, what most concerns me is that BAT is currently tied up to the Ethereum project. What if for one reason or another Ethereum loses its popularity to another blockchain (Cardano, Polkadot, EOS, Tron or any other)”

The post saw a lot of upvotes and replies. One user added that BAT is working to integrate with many more chains right now. For the coin, this means it doesn’t have to necessarily be on ETH. Moreover, others recommended Cardano as its new features are usable with many programming languages.

This topic, in turn, gave birth to a new thread in the Cardano subreddit about bringing BAT to the blockchain. Nearly all replies in that thread were from strong supporters of the idea. Not just that, they believed that Cardano could really improve the coin in terms of use.

Cardano has been rising in popularity alongside its price since early 2021. Also, Coinbase named it as one of the biggest cryptos in a tweet.

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