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Signal Brings New Crypto Payment Feature To the UK

  • Signal has added a new crypto payment feature to its messaging service.
  • The new Signal payment feature uses MobileCoin (MOB) network.
  • Currently, the payment feature is only accessible for UK customers using Signal’s beta version.

Privacy-Conscious messaging App Signal has added a new payment feature called “Signal payment”. Of note, the payment feature is only available and accessible to UK customers who are using Signal beta version.

Also, the Signal payment feature makes use of the MobileCoin network for its peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto services.

According to a report, Signal wants to make it easy for customers to send and receive money privately without any counterparty risk. Best of all, it aims to make transactions quicker, the same as sending and receiving messages.

To start using, qualified users just have to link their MobileCoin wallet to Signal to access the payment feature. What is more, after linking the MobileCoin wallet, users will be able to send and receive MOB tokens without hassle. 

In fact, apart from making transactions, users can also review their wallet’s history and keep records of their funds in the Signal App. Moreso, by doing this, users’ financial information will be safely stored and encrypted.

Also, Signal expressed that it will upgrade its beta testing in the future. Signal notably said that the beta expansion will mainly depend on users’ feedback based on their experience. However, there is no specified date for the beta expansion.

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