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Singapore Warns CoinTiger As Unregistered Exchange

  • CoinTiger is not a licensed exchange, according to MAS.
  • The MAS has issued a warning against CoinTiger’s crypto activities.
  • It has alerted investors to be vigilant.

According to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Investor Alert List, CoinTiger is not a registered or licensed crypto exchange in the digital asset market. For this reason, the MAS has issued a warning against CoinTiger’s crypto activities.   

Notably, MAS does not limit its warning to CoinTiger alone. The Singapore authority has alerted investors to be vigilant and stop using the said exchange to avoid becoming scam victims.

In addition to this, the MAS investor Alert List focuses on listing unregistered persons or investment fraud and scams.

Prior to the MAS warning, Blockchain’s CEO Dr.Sean Larkin also shared a post about CoinTiger.

Larkin said,

Share this post if you hate scams, and want to help. CoinTiger isn’t a legally registered exchange, worse yet… they’re stealing from customers, based on extensive research.

In addition, CoinTiger’s operation is a true scam according to Larkin. Moreover, Larkin again said that CoinTiger’s crypto activities would cause harm to destroy the good name of cryptocurrency.

As per Larkin, if the MAS allows CoinTiger to operate, it will continue to kill people’s trust in cryptocurrency. Further, Larkin advised that the crypto community should work together and stop how CoinTiger is gambling customers’ hard-earned money.   

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