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SK Telecom to Launch Digital Wallet for Govt Certificates

South Korea-based mobile operating giant SK Telecom (SKT) has announced the release of its upcoming electronic wallet. This blockchain-based wallet will make it easy to issue public certificates through a smartphone application.

The electronic document wallet services feature comes as an official agreement between the SK Group and the Ministry of Public Administration and Security (MPAC). Significantly, this intends to rekindle the use and issuance of digital certificates and their distribution systems.

With this in mind, SK Telecom stops the manual issuance and approval of individual public certificates. Rather, blockchain technology allows an automatic verification process. These include health insurance qualification certificates, residents registration card copies, and immigration fact certificates.

Meanwhile, MPAC’s Government24 app integrates SKT’s initial electronic documents. In this app, participants can issue certificates to be received on SKT’s electronic wallet.

Furthermore, SKT’s initial app can digitally send publicly-issued certificates. Generally speaking, public and financial institutions, as well as other private companies, can benefit from this.

SK Telecom Blockchain and Certification Business Division’s CEO Se-Hyun Oh particularly said that,

As the society is rapidly changing to a non-face-to-face society, innovation is needed in the process of submitting and processing public certificates centered on paper documents and manual work.

The SKT’s electronic wallet mainly supports about 13 types of certificates of the MPAC. Later on, SK Telecom plans to support certificates from the National Health Insurance Service and the National Tax Service. This results in almost over 100 certificates accessible through its services.

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