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South Korea’s Rating Board Delays Approval of Blockchain Game

  • SkyPeople seeks approval from South Korea’s GRAC for its Five Stars game.
  • GRAC delays the approval of the said NFT game.
  • SkyPeople remains calm and patiently waits for GRAC’s decision instead of seeking assistance from Google Play and App Store.

Blockchain game Five Stars seeks approval from the Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC). This approval will enable Five Stars to be played in South Korea. Due to NFT concerns, GRAC delays the rating for the said game.

NFT Game Still Under Approval

In South Korea, all game materials created, whether it is PC games, video consoles, embedded games, and mobile games, must secure a permit from GRAC. This applies to all game developers in and out of the country who desire their games to be circulated in South Korea.

In the past months, a blockchain game named Five Stars, which is developed by SkyPeople, submitted a proposal to GRAC. This is made to secure approval from the committee in order for Korean gamers to legally play it. However, the approval was not that easy to acquire.

The decision was delayed due to the need for additional legal review as a deferral factor. This leaves the SkyPeople no choice but to wait for another 15 days.

GRAC Dislikes Blockchain Games

Aside from the Five Stars blockchain game, there are other blockchain games like Infinity Star that seek approval from GRAC. This game is said to be rejected by the committee due to its blockchain technology that makes its game items into non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Nevertheless, the team of SkyPeople still patiently chooses to wait for the announcement of GRAC. Although they can seek assistance with international platforms such as the Google Play Store and App Store, its team said:

We want to respect the systems used by government agencies so that we can legally provide services in accordance with domestic gaming laws and regulations.

Regardless, blockchain games and NFT tokens are on the rise and have been in the talks lately during this pandemic time when all the centralized economies are crushing. This indicates that NFT games are on the right track, and it is a matter of time before NFT games take over the gaming world.

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