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SuperFarm Announces Cool Genesis Series NFT Features

  • SuperFarm just announced that its Genesis Phase 1 NFTs are loaded with benefits.
  • The NFTs will give holders priority access to future NFTs in the series.
  • Also, the NFTs will be part of the EllioTrade universe.

Cross-chain DeFi protocol SuperFarm is building a SUPERVERSE that will merge gaming, NFTs, and DeFi. To this end, the blockchain has provided details pertaining to its Genesis Series Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs).

In fact, SuperFarm just announced that it will be releasing Phase 1 NFTs from the Genesis Series. Of note, these NFTS will provide holders with a range of privileges and exciting experiences.

Phase 1 NFT Features

Phase 1 NFT holders stand to benefit from features like priority access to future NFTs, the NFTs will also serve as a Farming Multiplier, and holders will also be entitled to SUPER tokens. However, not all tokens are equal. Also, SuperFarm has created 5 tiers that hold different levels of powers.

Specifically, the priority access pertains to queuing to buy future NFTs in the series but does not guarantee availability to holders. Also, as a platform-native token, the NFTs will enhance rewards to holders like granting holders priority in minting future tokens on the platform.

In addition, holders can claim their SUPER tokens from a month up to 6 months after buying the Phase 1 NFT.

Also, as shown in the table below, Legendary NFTs hold the most power with Common NFTs holding the least. Of note, the NFT categories belong to the same dystopian setting as the protocol’s EllioTrades collection. 

Category/ BenefitsLegendaryEpicRareUncommonCommon
% Priority access9050302010
% Boost power402515105

In addition, the NFTS will also unlock unique digital experiences for holders as they can be used in NFT and blockchain-powered video games. The feature is likely to make the NFT very popular, likely fueling the current crypto craze. Moreover, SuperFarm will be releasing its Genesis Series Phase 1 NFTs to an eager and receptive market.

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