BTC $44722.79 (3.02%)
ETH $3127.08 (2.15%)
USDT $1.00 (0.05%)
BCH $549.79 (1.19%)
BSV $145.84 (-0.2%)
LTC $163.54 (2.13%)
BNB $379.93 (1.21%)
ADA $2.32 (4.51%)
DOGE $0.22 (1.38%)
BTC $44722.79 (3.02%)
ETH $3127.08 (2.15%)
USDT $1.00 (0.05%)
BCH $549.79 (1.19%)
BSV $145.84 (-0.2%)
LTC $163.54 (2.13%)
BNB $379.93 (1.21%)
ADA $2.32 (4.51%)
DOGE $0.22 (1.38%)

T1Markets Exchange Review 2021 — Details, Trading Fees & Features

T1Markets Exchange Review 2021

Have you heard of T1Markets? If not, get to know one of the pioneering CFD exchanges on the market. T1Market Exchange opened its doors in 2017 and became one of the first CFD exchanges to offer cryptocurrency-backed CFDs.

Crypto adoption might be on-trend right now, but that wasn’t the case in 2017. Cryptocurrency and blockchain were little-known concepts that were grossly misunderstood. Thus, the fact that T1Markets became pioneers in offering crypto-backed securities speaks of the forward-thinking nature of the team.

Trade Safely with a Regular Broker                                          Trade now

What’s so special about CFDs? Well, they are a type of financial security derivative, that derives its value from an underlying asset. As derivatives CFDs, or Contracts For Difference, it allows traders to trade on the underlying asset’s price shifts. In addition, T1Markets Exchange currently offers CFDs based on the following assets:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Stocks

Of note, as crypto adoption has grown so has the need for regulation. Although derivatives trading is generally regulated, crypto trading on the other hand is a bit of a grey area. As such, it is important to note that T1Markets is regulated by CySEC.

CySEC is the regulatory arm of Cyprus. Thus, T1Markets not only adheres to CySEC rules, by those of the EU as well. This is not only because Cyprus is an EU member state, but also because T1Markets operates in several EU countries.

T1 Markets Exchange Details
Available on mobileYes
Number of supported coins/tokens 
Number of supported trading pairsN/A
Native tokenN/A
Supported fiat currencyUSD/EUR
HQ LocationLimassol, Cyprus.
Company OwnerGeneral Capital Brokers Ltd.
T1 Markets Exchange Details

History Overview

T1Markets Exchange launched in 2017 and now operates in over 20 countries. However, T1Markets is the trading name for General Capital Brokers (GCB) Ltd, a Cyprus-based and registered company.

GCB Ltd offers a unique customer focus with the ethos that, “it doesn’t start with an asset but with you (the client).” Also, apart from trading services, GCB also offers in-depth research, training, and analytics to empower clients.

In addition, GCB via T1Markets currently operates in the UK, Austria, Malta, Portugal, Czech Republic, and Bulgaria. In addition, the exchange supports the US dollar and Euro.

Notably, T1Markets Exchange currently supports CFDs based on:

  • Cryptocurrency- 30+ cryptocurrencies including BTC, ADA, DSH, and ETH.
  • Commodities- over 20 types including gold, copper, crude oil, and sugar.
  • FOREX- over 45+ trading pairs e.g EUR/GBP, AUD/CHF, and USD/AUD.
  • Indices- global indices like Dow 30, ASX100, and FTSE 100
  • Shares- 45+ types including blue chip shares for top rated companies like Amazon, Apple, Tesla, and Facebook.

Platform Overview

T1Market platform

The T1Market platform is user-friendly continuing the user-focused ethos. In addition, the platform is highly intuitive making it easy for newbie traders. In fact, T1Markets integrates the MetaTrader4 (MT4) platforms. Thus, allowing users the option of using a welcome and trusted trading platform. The MT4 platform is popular with users due to functions like Signal and Market. The Signal function, for instance, supports copy trading.

Copy trading is a great tool that allows new traders to copy more experienced traders’ strategies. Thus, copy trading enables novice traders to learn how to trade with ‘training wheels’.

On the other hand, the Market functions provide users with data like market analysis, technical indicators, and expert advice.

In addition, T1Markets Exchange offers Web and Mobile trading. Of note, the platform’s website is highly advanced and optimized for both web and mobile. This means users can easily trade even without downloading the app.

Finally, T1Markets offers margin trading which allows traders to increase their investment through borrowing. However, due to the speculative nature of CFD trading and increased risk from leveraging, the platform has a 1:30 margin cap. Also, this cap is in compliance with EU regulations. However, T1Markets allows professional traders the chance to increase their margin limit.

One way T1Markets caters to its diverse user base is through several account types. The exchange understands that depending on different experience and risk tolerance levels users have differing account needs.

Account Types

T1Markets offers three different account types each with the option of either retail or professional functionality.

T1 Markets Demo Account
T1 Markets Demo Account

T1Markets accounts are available as Silver, Gold, or Platinum. T1Markets designed each account to cater to the needs of traders on different experience levels. The Silver account is best suited for entry-level traders. However, Gold and Platinum accounts cater to intermediary and expert traders respectively.

In addition, as mentioned before each account type allows traders to increase their leverage cap from 1:30. The table below summarizes how the account types differ.

Account Comparison

User ExperienceBeginnerIntermediaryAdvanced
Deposit fee0%%%
Spread0.07pips0.05 pips0.03 pips
Leverage: Retail1:301:301:30
Swap Discount025%50%
Dedicated Account ManagerYesYesYes
News reportsYesYesYes
Analytical toolBasicYesAdvanced
Free VPSNoYesYes
Educational contentYesYesAdvanced
5th DecimalNoYesYes
Account Comparison

Of note, T1Markets Exchange offers Demo and Islamic accounts. Demo accounts allow users to gain trading experience in a safe space. On the other hand, Islamic accounts are Sharia compliant and do not offer interest. Also, Stop outs are only available for Professional accounts.

Account Opening

Opening a T1Markets account is quick and easy. In fact, all you need is to fill in the necessary details. In addition, you need to make an initial deposit of either £125 or €215 to activate the account.

The platform accepts deposits in several currencies like British pounds and Euros. Further, users can utilize several payment methods to make the deposit. These methods include bank transfer, credit or debit card as well as online payment methods. T1Markets users can use Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Wirecard, DECTA, Orangepay, Trustly, VPay, or Neteller to make deposits.

Notably, once your account is activated your dedicated account manager gets in touch to finalize the onboarding process. At this stage, the account manager can answer any questions you may have and will give you a tutorial on how to use the platform.


The T1Markets Exchange withdrawal process is a bit slow and can take up to 5 days. Also, T1Markets charges withdrawal fees. Furthermore, the platform also reserves the right to charge a penalty for withdrawing funds from accounts with no trading activity. The platform also charges a maintenance fee for dormant accounts.

Platform Interface

T1Markets exchange withdrawal process

T1Markets offers three platform options, namely the popular MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform, T1 Markets Web platform, and the T1 Markets Mobile app. Although the MT4 has the added benefits stated before, the T1Markets custom platforms are not without their own benefits. These are some of the features and functions users can enjoy while using T1Markets.


  1. User friendly: With an intuitive hybrid platform that allows one click switching and execution.
  2. Affordable fees: T1Markets offers generous swap discounts of up to 50%.
  3. Leverage up to 500x: T1Markets has a standard 1:30 margin cap, but allows pro traders to go up to 1:500.
  4. Supports multiple deposit options: Users can make deposits using bank transfers, online payments, and credit or debit cards. T1Markets also supports deposits in British pounds or Euros.
  5. Supports CFDs backed by 4 asset classes: The platform offers CFDs backed by Cryptos, Commodities, Indices and Shares.
  6. Multiple platform options: T1Markets allows users to choose which platform works best for them. Users have the option of using the MT4 platform or custom Web or Mobile platforms.
  7. Mobile App: T1Markets has a mobile trading app which is available on both iOS and Android.
  8. Automated trading: Platform has Stop Loss/Take Profit which helps limit losses while maximizing profits. Also offers automated trade execution on MT4.
  9. Analytical tools: T1Markets offers over 60 analytical tools including technical indicators like Oscillators and Overlays.
  10. Educational content: Traders can learn through articles, videos, and webinars.
  11. Dedicated account managers: T1Markets offer this service for all accounts types.
  12. 24/5 Customer Support: Users can access real time help during the week.
  13. Comprehensive trade summary: This gives a full history of all trades, including open and closed positions. Allowing traders to gain insight from past strategies.
  14. Segregated Funds: T1Markets keeps clients’ funds in segregated and secure accounts.
  15. Security: The platform is very secure with encrypted communication and data servers.


  1. Web: User friendly hybrid interface that is optimized for both PC and mobile use. The platform is fully synchronized, allowing traders to easily move between devices. It also offers added support for multiple charts and dynamic analytics.
  2. Mobile: Available in app or web form. Both options are mobile-friendly without compromising on functionality.
  3. Supported products: Over 350 CFDs backed by  4 different assets.

Pros and Cons


  1. Intuitive and user friendly with one-click trade execution.
  2. Access to the MetaTrader 4 platform which also supports copy trading.
  3. Fast trades on both mobile and web apps.
  4. Trading flexibility thanks to mobile support.
  5. Offers educational content.
  6. High level of regulatory compliance.
  7. Traceable and transparent.
  8. Segregated accounts
  9. Enhanced security
  10. Automated trading, including automatic stop-loss and take-profit settings.
  11. Dedicated account manager for all account types.
  12. Analytical tools including technical indicators.
  13. Offers multiple account options including different experience tiers and Islamic accounts.


  • Unavailable in many countries outside the EU.
  • Does not support MetaTrader 5.
  • High barriers to entry from a high initial deposit, swap fees and penalties.

Final Score

  • Services offered: 3/5
  • Cryptocurrency support: 3/5
  • Fees: 3/5
  • Security: 4/5
  • Review Score: 3/5


As a pioneer in CFD trading T1 Markets has a lot to offer users. The user-friendly interface and functions are backed by years of research and development. Of note, GCB also offers custodial services which enhance the platform’s lure.

Wallet hacking is a chief concern even with exchanges. As such, it is reassuring that the platform has taken steps to boost user assets.

In conclusion, with several years of experience and a wide range of products and services to offer, it seems T1 Markets has earned its place as a pioneering exchange. However, even though we have found no issues with the platform we always recommend that users do their due diligence. Online trading is very risky and the risk only increases when trading in volatile assets like cryptocurrency and derivatives.

In addition, we recommend that when trading on a centralized exchange users should always invest in a cold wallet. Finally, always remember to never invest more than you can afford to lose.


What is T1Markets?

T1Markets is a pioneering CFD trading platform based in Cyprus and licensed by CySEC.

Is T1Markets safe for trading?

We have found no issues regarding the platform. However, we always recommend that traders should still use due caution when trading online.

How do I open a T1Markets account?

Opening a T1Markets account is very easy and requires a few steps. You can contact the T1Markets customer support team for help if you are struggling to open an account.

Email id

What are the payment methods accepted on T1Markets?

Users can make payments on T1Markets using credit or debit cards, bank transfers, or e-wallets.

How do I withdraw money from T1Markets?

Users can make withdrawals via the T1Markets platform under the withdrawals tab.

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Disclaimer: This material must not be used as the basis for making any investment decisions. This serves only as helpful material about the crypto exchange. Trading digital assets involve risk and can result in the loss of investment capital. Hence, always make sure to do in-depth research before engaging or investing in any crypto assets

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