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BTC $44125.31 (3.55%)
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BCH $544.38 (2.37%)
BSV $145.95 (-2.3%)
LTC $160.92 (2.11%)
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Unizen: Smart Exchange Enabling a Zen State of Mind for Traders


Recent times have made the crypto space and DeFi as accessible as can be. Led mainly by exchanges, both centralized and decentralized, users can now engage in trade easily as well as use a wide range of financial services, some of which are unique to the crypto industry. This being said, there has been a huge boom in new projects starting up, targeting customer convenience with new innovation.

This article will look at Unizen, a hybrid exchange ecosystem that offers deep liquidity while combining the best of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Aptly titled ‘CeDeFi’, the project aims to overcome the shortcomings of the existing crypto infrastructure by bringing together the positives of both ends. This, it fuses with effective decision-making tools into a single concept, to create for users a platform that is potentially a complete solution for digital finance.

Boasting a set of unique tech features, the exchange integrates crypto products and exchanges into one platform and thus reduces the trade execution time. Added to this, it has effective risk mitigation features such as social sentiment indicators for traders and limited interaction with audited products.

Read on to learn more in detail about Unizen and its unique value proposition.


Unizen’s core offering is convenient and compliant liquidity solutions for traders. For this reason, it has partnered with AllianceBlock as well, to build with it a decentralized capital markets protocol for traders and investors alike. They can use this to search, for example, their preferred KYC level which is something completely centralized exchanges force upon users regardless of the users’ preferences. At the same time, it protects participants in the space and offers high security, which is a problem faced by many interacting with decentralized finance.

The three architectural components of Unizen’s CeDeFi ecosystem are:

  • Unizen Modules
  • Third-party Modules
  • Unizen Custom Logic

So let’s jump into the details:

Unizen Modules

Unizen has custom-built modules to enable integration of the hybrid ecosystem over time. To begin with, its CEX module has been launched which is compatible with Binance-shared liquidity. To follow through with its purpose of overcoming existing liquidity problems, it will expose traders to more options as well as reduce slippage within trading.

Third-Party Modules

One of the main features that are holding up Unizen’s unique CeDeFi approach are its third-party modules that set up the stage for integration with decentralized digital asset markets. The exchange enables these modules through a software development kit (SDK) and provides APIs. These help developers take on any new modules increasing the incentive to innovate and create new solutions. At the same time, the platform upholds and maintains strict security requirements to protect DeFi traders and investors.

Unizen Custom Logic

Given what we know of the financial market, especially the DeFi market, trading is best done with knowledge of market sentiments and trends. This is where Unizen’s Custom Logic makes an entry. A key component of this feature is the trade aggregation algorithm which is cross-chain. The data collected through this is expressed through APIs which the platform’s Smart Social Sentiment Indicators extract raw data pipelines through. Working in collaboration with LunarCrush, the user sentiments are organized into datasets for indicators to help traders.

ZCX and Multi-Asset Staking

ZCX is an exchange-based utility token, native to the Unizen ecosystem. Launched first as an ERC-20 token, it was later also mirrored on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The token exists as a robust and versatile asset that can be converted to BEP-20 as required with a number of supported bridges.

Users holding ZCX can earn cross-chain rewards as well using its multi-asset staking platform. To further appeal to users as an attractive investment, ZCX is protected from deflation using a burning mechanism. As per the company, ZCX from its total supply of 1 billion is burnt with each paid listing on the Unizen CEX module.

At the time of writing, ZCX is priced at $2.33 and is available for trading at KuCoin,, Bilaxy, 1inch Exchange, and Decoin.

Moving on to its multi-asset staking feature, which will be powered by ZCX, it really serves as a game-changer, putting Unizen ahead of competitors in terms of convenience and novelty. It maximizes a diverse set of asset growth opportunities for users’ assets. In fact, users receive multi-asset returns when staking, which strengthens the reward value for them. These are delivered automatically as part of the smart contract set up by the users when staking.

Now, let’s elaborate more on the rewards bit. How is Unizen incentivizing traders to stake?

The reward program is meant to attract liquidity providers on Uniswap. It encourages traders and investors to lock their ZCX and ETH for over a month to receive portions of the allocated monthly rewards, depending on the locked amount. As a matter of fact, the rewards pool allocates liquidity providers with $30,000 worth of ZCX tokens every month.

They also earn early access to the ZenX Labs Incubator program, which gives them eligibility for exclusive sales (seed, IDO, etc.) proportional to the amount of assets locked.

All in all, this creates an ecosystem that fosters and facilitates innovation, while bringing unique and practical benefits for developers and traders.

AI-Powered Smart Social Indicators (SSI)

One of Unizen’s major offerings in making traders’ lives easier is its Smart Social Indicator (SSI). Powered by artificial intelligence, and utilizing the partnership with LunarCrush, data crawlers constantly search and aggregate sentiments about digital assets across a wide variety of social media outlets. Providing market outlook toward a certain asset in real-time, the sentiment indicators are a one-of-a-kind addition to not only inform traders of the general interest but also signal beneficial trades.

The raw data that crawlers collect is further processed through the AI algorithms and sentiments are distilled. This way, data points are converted into an understanding of the overall attitude of users and the market towards the digital asset, providing incredible insight which can help informed decision-making of how best to act.

Why Should Crypto Traders Use Unizen?

Navigating through the digital asset market’s security issues as well as its volatility can be tough, especially for traders who are just starting out. In that essence, Unizen provides a seamless and convenient platform for traders looking for deep liquidity and minimal slippage. The smart exchange takes on a more evolved, hybrid structure that enables it to adopt qualities from both ends of the spectrum, decentralized and centralized. Founded by Zen Innovations, the exchange is run by an experienced team whose main focus is to make user experience issues and trader inconveniences a thing of the past.

Being launched recently, the exchange has already done impressively well in securing over 3000 wallets. As per its roadmap for 2021, many exciting new tools and products are set to launch throughout 2021. These include the launch and completion of projects including dynamic multi-asset staking, ZenX Labs incubator, CEX module, Third-Party DeFi module, trade aggregation modules, social sentiment indicators, SDK toolkit, and DAO governance. Along with this, Unizen has crossed the major milestone of completing the design of the underlying ‘operating system’ for the platform.

Here’s a list of top benefits for traders on Unizen:

Deep Liquidity

Whether you’re new to the trading game or are a seasoned investor, it’s no surprise that deep liquidity markets are better to trade-in as opposed to any with shallow liquidity. Deep liquidity markets ensure trades take place in a more timely manner and protects users from the doubt surrounding shallow markets. Unizen builds further on this and provides traders a wide range of options to suit their needs without worrying about liquidity.

Minimal Slippage

Slippage refers to the difference between the quoted price and the actual execution price of an asset. Since a long time, this problem in synchronization poses a great challenge for crypto traders, where markets can turn upside down within a matter of seconds. Unizen tackles this problem head-on by introducing more liquidity within itself. As a matter of principle, slippage minimizes when more liquidity is concentrated within a single ecosystem, which is one of Unizen’s major value propositions.

Enhanced Security and Preferred KYC protocols

Notably, Unizen’s focus on combining preferred elements from two different exchange structures also works to eliminate any weaknesses. The platform’s in-built tools simplify secure and compliant trading practices, taking the help of partners such as AllianceBlock and LunarCrush.


At the pace with which technology is evolving, inconveniences of existing trading and finance systems may very well eliminate them entirely in the near future. As developers innovate, products such as Unizen are introduced, which work to adopt qualities that have attracted users in the past and get rid of any errors, whether big or small. Its uniqueness as a hybrid ecosystem adds to its product value, as it becomes the first to solve the balance between centralized and decentralized exchanges and trading platforms. Keeping in mind user preferences, Unizen provides flexibility, compatibility, ease of use, and security. Traders looking for solutions such as these should visit their website for more information:

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