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Web3 Forum 2020 in Shanghai: Next-Gen of the Internet

Web3 Forum 2020, hosted by Web3 Foundation, aims to promote a well-functioning and user-friendly Web 3.0 network. For this year, Web3 Forum will commence in Shanghai, China on a two-day gathering, October 29-30.

Web3 Forum 2020 is specifically a part of the Shanghai Blockchain Week. In line with this, all decentralized and open-source project developers, researchers, and entrepreneurs from different backgrounds are welcome to participate in this event.

Moreover, Web3 Foundation created this event as part of its vision of advocating innovative technologies and applications that will develop the next generation of the internet, Web 3.0.

A glimpse of Web3 Forum 2020 guest speakers


  • Dr. Gavin Wood



    • Founder of Polkadot Network and Parity, President of Web3 Foundation


    • Dr. Michael Kuan
      Chairman of Kuan Capital
      Vice Chair of The Center for China & Globalization


    • Dr. Xiao Feng
      Vice Chair & Executive Director of China Wanxiang Holding Co, Ltd
      Chairman & CEO of Wanxiang Blockchain Inc.


    • Chao Deng
      Managing Director of Hashkey Capital


    • Derek Yoo
      Founder of Moonbeam Network
      CEO of PureStake


    • Jun Li
      Founder of Ontology


    • Gavin Qu
      Co-Founder of 8BTC
      CEO of ChainNode


  • Vincent Zhou
    Founder of FBG Capital

For tickets and more information, visit the official website of the Web3 Foundation.

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