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BTC $29132.75 (-3.1%)
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USDT $0.99 (-0.0%)
BCH $194.51 (-7.5%)
BSV $52.46 (-5.4%)
LTC $67.98 (-5.4%)
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What is Baby Doge Coin and How to Buy Baby Doge Coin?

What is Baby Doge Coin and How to Buy Baby Doge Coin Learn

This article about what is Baby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE) gives its readers most of the things they need to know about crypto. Meanwhile, this article must not be taken as financial advice. Instead, we urge traders and investors to do their own research before buying and trading crypto. As a result, investors can avoid losing funds that cannot be reverted back.

The meme tokens continue to dominate the crypto world this year. Specifically, after Dogecoin recorded a huge growth rate in the previous months, the crypto market has seen an influx of meme tokens. Also, this meme token brings joy and cuteness to all its token holders while enabling great use cases.

Today, BABYDOGE is one of the most popular meme tokens in the crypto world. Interestingly, crypto was able to record a growth rate of over +800% in the past 30 days. Best of all, the BABYDOGE 24-hour trading volume reaches more than $12 million. With this, we can say that BABYDOGE is in a good position to attract more investors to its platform.

Furthermore, the BABYDOGE crypto also has a good approach in the market. For this reason, the coin was able to expand its reach on the global stage. As a result, BABYDOGE catches the attention of Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and a crypto enthusiast. This event made BABYDOGE even more popular in the crypto market.

To be specific, the tweets made by Elon greatly help the crypto in its crypto adventure. However, traders and investors must trade with caution since the crypto market and Elon remains unpredictable. Hence, it is still good to stick with your indicators and do everyday research to avoid the high emotions inside the crypto market.

Now that we have some idea about the coin, let us head to the main topic about Baby Doge Coin. Are you already excited to know? Therefore, what are you waiting for? Join me, and together, let us know more about what a Baby Doge Coin is and how to buy Baby Doge Coin. 

What is a Baby DOGE?

Baby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE) is a meme token founded on June 1, 2021. Interestingly, the crypto is a BEP20 token that uses the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. For this reason, investors that are interested in acquiring the crypto don’t have to use GAS fees. Indeed, this is a piece of good news that excites the crypto community, mainly the BABYDOGE army.

The BABYDOGE crypto claims to be the son of the famous meme coin, DOGE. Following this, the crypto aims to impress DOGE with its technology such as improved transaction speed and good reward system. Through this, holders of the crypto can simply watch their BABYDOGE grow by just holding them in their wallets. 

Aside from its features, the crypto has a huge maximum supply of over 400 quadrillion tokens. As a result, these tokens can be used to expand the network’s market reach and reward the BABYDOGE community. Above all, the tokens will also be utilized to help the BABYDOGE charity programs worldwide.

On the other hand, the BABYDOGE network aims to support all the dogs that need attention around the world. In fact, on June 24, the network donated the amount of $75,000 to a non-profit organization called PawsWithCause. Truly, this movement made by the network brings joy to all the dog lovers in the crypto world.

Regarding its partnership, the crypto partners with NASCAR. To be specific, BABYDOGE sponsored Brandon Brown’s No. 68 Camaro. This sponsorship made the crypto extend its presence not only to the foreign stage but also to the racing world.

However, this is not the first time a meme token has sponsored a car in NASCAR. Recently, Dogecoin, stated that it would be sponsoring a car that would run in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.


The tokenomics is the part of this article where you can learn more about the native digital asset of BABYDOGE. In short, this article will discuss most of the things behind the creation of Baby DogeCoin and its current market position in the crypto market. So, what are we waiting for? Let us now check the BABYDOGE token in this What is Baby Doge Coin and how to buy Baby DogeCoin article. 

The BABYDOGE crypto is a BEP20 token based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. For this reason, the crypto can take advantage of the features that the BSC possesses. In addition, the BSC is fully backed by the Binance network. As a result, BABYDOGE token can connect with the other DeFi protocols that Binance creates.

Regarding the total volume of the crypto, the token has a maximum supply of 420 quadrillion tokens. In order for the token to boost its market value, the network needs to burn tokens. At the time of writing, the network has already burned over 125 quadrillion BABYDOGE tokens.

On the other hand, the crypto has already recorded an all-time-high record of $0.000000005890 on July 4, 2021. Indeed, the Baby Doge Coin is one of the most fast moving digital assets in the crypto world. 

Baby Doge Facts

The Baby Doge Coin crypto is one of the most aggressive digital assets in the crypto space. Hence, more investors in the crypto world are now getting interested in the token. In this section of the article, we will provide the latest facts about the network. So, what are you waiting for? Come and together let us learn the latest facts about Baby Doge Coin in this What is Baby Doge Coin and how to buy Baby Doge Coin article.

Firstly, the Baby Doge Coin network is just a few months old. To be specific, the crypto was created on June 1, 2021. Furthermore, upon its launch date, the crypto has a huge market supply of 420 quadrillion tokens. This big token supply will be used to power the network in the days to come.

Secondly, the Baby Doge Coin charges a 10% fee for every successful transaction. This 10% fee is split into half, where 5% goes to all the token holders and the remaining 5% is traded for Binance Coin. Therefore, all token holders could increase their portfolio by just holding their Baby Doge Coin in their wallets.  

Thirdly, the platform aims to help or rescue most of the dogs around the world that are in need. Through this, the network has a charity wallet that has 2.2% of the total supply of Baby Doge Coin. This wallet receives its funding from the 5% transaction fees made by traders and investors. Best of all, the crypto is said to have donated over $100k to different doge charities worldwide. For this reason, the crypto was branded as the first dog crypto charity.

Lastly, the Baby Doge Coin crypto can only be found for now in PancakeSwap. With this, traders and investors of the platform can easily connect their crypto wallet to the exchange to easily swap tokens. 

How to buy Baby Doge Coin

Finally, we are now in the part of the article where we discuss how to buy Baby Doge Coin. Today, interested traders and investors can buy and sell the crypto on PancakeSwap. The PancakeSwap is one of the trusted exchanges that support many digital assets aside from BABYDOGE.

In buying the token, traders must first connect their crypto wallet to the PancakeSwap exchange. Take note, traders must ensure that there is a BNB crypto stored in their wallet.

After that, convert the BNB token to Binance Smart Chain token (BSC). Once done, traders can now exchange the BSC token with Baby Doge Coin.

Furthermore, the Baby Doge Coin that the traders acquired from the exchange will instantly go to the wallet connected to the PancakeSwap. Therefore, traders and investors can decide whether to hold or stake their BABYDOGE. But, of course, the staking will also depend on the availability of staking pools.

Regarding the crypto wallet, there are a lot of crypto wallets that are now out in the market. In short, it depends on the users on what wallet they will choose depending on their crypto needs. However, the Trust wallet is one of the crypto wallets that offers seamless transactions in converting BNB to BSC.


The Baby Doge Coin is a crypto that is still new in the market. Despite that, crypto already managed to attract the attention of traders and investors around the world. As a result, the crypto recorded an amazing growth rate of over +1201% in the past 30 days. What’s more, the crypto has a 24- hour trading volume of almost $9 million.

With all these achievements, we can say that BABYDOGE is profitable and aggressive crypto. However, also remember that the crypto is just a few months old. Hence, traders must still do their in-depth research to know the latest news about crypto. In this way, traders and investors can avoid unexpected loss of funds that cannot be reverted back.

How many Baby Doge coins are there?

Based on the details found in CoinGecko, the maximum Baby Doge Coins amounts to 420 quadrillion tokens.

How do you get Baby Doge on pancakes?

The Baby Doge Coin trades on PancakeSwap by converting BNB tokens to BSC tokens.

Where can you buy Baby Doge?

At the time of writing, the Baby Doge Coin is available in the PancakeSwap exchange.

Is Baby Doge Coin real?

Yes, it is real. In fact, you can find or swap the token in one of the famous decentralized exchanges: PancakeSwap.

Disclaimer: This material must not be used as the basis for making any investment decisions. This serves only as informative material about the Baby Doge Coin. Trading digital assets involve risk and can result in the loss of investment capital. Hence, always make sure to do in-depth research before engaging or investing in any cryptocurrencies.

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