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World First Cryptocurrency Traded with Fixed Price

Around June 2020, Easybook had launched its cryptocurrency, Easybook Coin (EBO) from Brunei to the online customers in ASEAN. Within 3 months, nearly half a million USD worth of EBO coins were sold. EBO is being traded in its trading platform ( and is usable in, the largest land and sea ticketing platform in ASEAN, focusing on the long-distance express bus, ferry, and train tickets.

It is the first in the market to have a fixed-trading price cryptocurrency by marking the trading price to appreciate gradually to hit 2x in value by end of the first year and 4x in value by end of 2nd year. The price of the EBO will fluctuate from the 3rd year onward. The intention of marking the price is to protect all the customers/purchasers from monetary losses after acquiring EBO. Despite trading, the EBO coins can be used to purchase any ticket from Start from the 3rd year, EBO will be listed across other trading platforms.

According to Coinopsy, there are more than 4000 coins had failed and the remaining 80% of them were not able to raise any significant money, this is due to many investors and the public shun them. The coin’s developers are focusing too much time on the development of the coin per se, but neglecting the business value of their coins. By learning this lesson, the development of EBO has taken into consideration the business utilization of the coin by allowing the purchase of transportation tickets with EBO. Once the initial pool of EBO users or buyers is achieving the targeted volume after two years, the company will prepare the cross-listing of the coin in other exchange platforms aiming for substantial institutional investors. The business value and future development of EBO are well-taken care of.

A fixed-trading price to a certain extend of crypto might kick off a similar trend in the industry of cryptocurrency. The path of EBO might encourage another new coping ICOs to follow its footsteps, and eventually, to bring in a secured cryptocurrency investment concept with a lower risk of losses due to price fluctuation and, to refocus more on the utility of the coins in exchange for goods and services.

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