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Xfinite and Eros Partner To Work on a Blockchain Program

  • Xfinite and Eros partner up to bring a new blockchain-based content engagement program.
  • Algorand will power this new program.

Xfinite and Eros announce their partnership for an exciting new venture involving Algorand. The venture involves a blockchain-based content engagement program. 

Eros is aiming to explore further opportunities for Eros Now. The over-the-top (OTT) streaming service will play its hand in the advertising video-on-demand sector.

On the other hand, Xfinite’s innovation is helping pave the way for Eros to level up its digital asset growth. Moreover, Xfinite’s Mzaalo platform brings its experience with blockchain technology.

Furthermore, the Algorand protocol will provide the foundation for blockchain infrastructure. In particular, the network was chosen for its scalable blockchain technology. Above all, this will allow the partners to work at an accelerated level.

CEO of Eros Now, Ali Hussein shares that the platform’s main strategy is to fully monetize the Eros Now platform. To do so, the key aspect is to get into the ad-supported streaming services. Thus, he says that this move is achievable via the partnership with Mzaalo.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Xfinite, Swaneet Singh says,

Xfinite aims to revolutionize digital media by bringing forth innovations to customer experience, data-driven engagement, and ecosystem economics for the benefit of the community.   

All in all, the partners are aiming to bring a blockchain-based solution that promises transparency. They hope that this will help strengthen the trust within the digital world. More so, Algorand will power the project.

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