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ETH $2533.58 (3.42%)
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BTC $37687.98 (1.18%)
ETH $2533.58 (3.42%)
USDT $1.00 (0.00%)
BCH $294.74 (0.70%)
BSV $90.56 (0.99%)
LTC $109.03 (1.06%)
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Zillion Bits — The World’s Most Secure Digital Asset Exchange

Zillion Bits zb Review


The cryptocurrency space is in a time where inventors are looking to eliminate the sovereignty given to a single unit of people. This has given rise to many futuristic innovators to create tokens and even exchanges that serve the masses, give power to them and ensure high value in return for their investments.

As a result, exchanges such as Zillion Bits (ZB) debuted in 2013 give its users zillion possibilities obtainable in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Notably, Zillion Bits started building blocks of data in earnest that later evolved into a multifaceted global blockchain group. Today, ZB has become one of the world’s most secure digital asset exchanges serving over 15 million users.

ZB is involved in every stage of the blockchain life cycle including industry research, investment, asset trading, secure wallets, and asset management. Dedicated to the technologies of the future, across its multiple platforms, its users have access to an ecosystem that is permissionless, free from barriers to entry, and independent from conventional financial models.

Presenting Zillion Bits (ZB) is a global digital asset market that allows people from all over the world to trade and manage their digital assets. Since its start in 2013,, the flagship platform of ZB Group, has grown to become one of the most trusted and safe cryptocurrency trading platforms, with zero security breaches. is a universally accessible website that allows users to access their financial assets regardless of their location or entrance barriers. With offices throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, ZB Group’s platforms are able to retain tight ties with its users and have a truly global footprint.

The ZB Group aspires to improve the lives of its users by providing them with digital financial freedom. The platform’s purpose is to create, and operate, a secure and trustworthy digital financial ecosystem for its customers’ global assets. The platform’s 8 ideals underpin the ZB’s operation: Secure, Stable, Simple, Service, Social, Solution, Speed, and Smart.

ZB Tokenomics

ZB stands for a ZB Token and can be used in a variety of ways across the whole ZB ecosystem, providing ZB token holders with unique rights and benefits.

Holders can take advantage of the benefits of scarcity by repurchasing and burning ZB regularly. The ZB Token Foundation issues and manages the ZB token, which is a blockchain-based system and holding ZB guarantees:

  • Trading fees discount
  • VIP Rights
  • Airdrop candy benefits
  • Market makers preferential
  • Half price purchase UP project

Zillion Bits’ Milestones

To create a professional financial-level digital asset trading network, the ZB platform employs several technical security safeguards. (ZB), was founded in early 2013 and has always been a trustworthy digital asset trading platform.

For many years, ZB’s great benefits such as steady operations, fund security, risk control, and high-quality services have attracted a wide number of consumers. ZB launched ETH, BTS, EOS, and QTUM transactions in 2015, in that order.

ZB was one of the major exchanges in 2016 and accounted for more than 50% of worldwide ETH trading volume and more than 70% of ETC trading volume in 2017.

In the same year, ZB expanded its international operations, transitioning from a Chinese-only exchange to global exchange. ZB is currently one of the international brand exchanges after years of research and practice.

Leveraged trading, OTC trading, remaining Savings, Loans, computing power mining, and other companies were added to the ZB platform in 2018. Many summits were held in 2019 by in Brazil, Bangkok, New York, Malta, and Singapore.

In an article featured in CoinMarketCap 2019 report, the ZB token was named as one of the top 5 platform tokens in the world at the start of 2020. On the eighth anniversary of ZB, June 30, 2021, the total number of global ZB users officially surpassed 15 million.

ZB is growing to be one of the largest platforms in the world. Furthermore, ZB is the world’s first trading platform that is simultaneously a social networking service. In November 2019, ZB launched public testing of the social network system in App V4.0.

As a first-line exchange that has been successfully operating for eight years, ZB has three major trading areas: QC, USDT, and BTC, and has opened one-stop services for digital assets such as spot trading, OTC trading, leveraged trading, and wealth management service.

ZB has always been dedicated to providing complete business services, such as investment funds and electronic wallets, to provide users with comfortable and convenient investment options.

As the world’s leading digital asset exchange, ZB has advanced the compliance process by obtaining the PSA of Singapore and the MSB of the United States, as well as establishing operation centers in Dubai, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, South Korea, Switzerland, and the United States, among other locations, to continue to escort the safety of users’ funds.

In the future, ZB will commit to localized and compliant operations in more nations across the world, as well as integration with the local community, marking a significant step forward in ZB’s globalization.

ZB Digital Assets Trading Services

The ZB trading platform is a one-stop service secure trading space where users can conduct all their trading needs in one place. ZB offers up to 15 times leveraged margin trading, as well as two-way trading, loan on demand, diverse currency, and other features.

You can use the site to borrow cryptocurrency, boosting your available cash and perhaps increasing your profits. Margin trading may be broken down into five parts, using the BTC/QC trading pair as an example: asset transfer, crypto borrowing, long/short selling, payback, and transfer out.

Similarly, ZB offers DPoS staking and mining providing its users with stable income for their digital assets. More than 80 digital assets are available for real-time spot trading on Users can also transact with merchants through a direct transfer, or via debit or credit cards.

Users can trade through:

  • Spot Basic: Use QC, USDT, and Bitcoin to buy digital assets
  • Spot Pro: Full-screen spot trading, powered by K-line
  • Margin Basic: Borrow coins from the platform for margin trading
  • Margin Pro: Full-screen margin trading, powered by K-line
  • Trading Bot: A simple quantitative trading tool, developed for blockchain investors

The ZB Earning Hub

ZB provides several earning programs for its existing and new users. They are as follows:

Spot, Derivatives & OTC Trading

The ZB platform allows for users of all skill sets to trade in Spot, Derivative, and OTC markets. Users can trade in dozens of currencies, including AED, USD, and EUR, by navigating to the ‘Credit/Debit Card’ section of the website, found in the Buy Crypto dropdown menu. Traders can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, and the native ZB token, as well as hundreds of other cryptocurrencies.

While Spot trading sees traders buy and sell based on live prices on the ZB trading platform, Derivatives allow traders to speculate on the future prices of tokens and trade according to these speculations. OTC (Over-the-Counter) trading allows for the private, peer-to-peer sale of crypto tokens, facilitated by the ever-secure ZB platform.

All markets are available across ZB’s desktop and mobile sites, as well as the ZB App.

Simulation Coupons

Through its simulation coupons giveaway, if a user successfully invites a friend, both parties get a 5.00 USDT simulation coupon and up to 500.00 USDT can be claimed. Simulation coupons can be used to participate in Futures Trading or deduct the account loss and the transaction fee for perpetual futures (excluding spot). Simulation coupons cannot be withdrawn and transferred, but profits obtained from trading with simulation coupons can be withdrawn and transferred.


ZB VIP level structure consists of nine levels that guarantee ultra-low transaction fees, exclusive purchase quota, VIP customer service support, and exclusive privileges. Users can upgrade their VIP level to enjoy transaction fees as low as 0.03%.

VIP0 users can upgrade their VIP levels via purchasing or lockup ZB. The VIP level has an expiration date, which is the purchase date and purchase duration. Users can renew the current VIP level or upgrade to a higher VIP level.

When you renew your VIP Level, the expiration date of the VIP level will be accumulated. When you upgrade your VIP level, the expiration date remains the same, and you need to make up the difference in the purchase price or ZB lockup amount required to upgrade the VIP level.

ZB Partner

You can become a ZB partner to earn up to a 40% referral commission of transaction fee for every friend you invite.

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